Destroy All People has been remade to impress. Take a look at over 15 minutes of cutscenes and gameplay on this demo from E3 2019!

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  1. Crypto:How is the view from safety of the Mothership?
    Stalin:It's good from Motherland Russia.
    Crypto:Time to d-
    Stalin:Time to get annexed Space Nazi.
    Crypto goes to gulag and Stalin forms Soviet Space Republics Union

  2. God this game brings back memories! I remember not even carring about this game until I heard Pox's voice!! And my little kid brain instantly thought "Is that ZIM!!? Okay, NOW I care about this game!"

  3. Im not sure how I feel about the "Pulsing Breathing Holes" on the back of crypto's head. And the voices of Crypto and Pox sound a little weird considering that this is supposedly the original voice audio. Otherwise looks great though.

  4. Do you know how happy it makes me that the fact when I was a kid I failed so much bloody missions by falling in the water!!? That and me trying to arm cars and smaller objects at the humans!? I need this asap!!

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