Today, almost all video game companies are trying to get into the car of the fashion business model, the much vaunted "Netflix of video games": pay a modest monthly subscription for accessing an entire catalog in constant change. There are so many that the market is becoming saturated.

And if not, tell them to Discord. The popular app, which is usually used to communicate with our friends while we play or to be in contact with certain communities, also has its own game store and a subscription catalog. However, the days of the latter are numbered.

The company just announced which will end the games of its Nitro service next October 15th. The reason, as they explain themselves, is quite simple: almost nobody played them.

We have learned a lot from you in the last year. Through your valuable feedback, it has become clear that although we and some of you love these games, the truth is that the vast majority of Nitro subscribers did not play them.

That does not mean that Nitro As such it will disappear. This service is a kind of premium version of Discord that was launched three years ago, through which users get greater functionalities prior monthly payment.

Nitro Games

Nitro and its advantages will still be there, but the catalog of more than 60 titles that came with the subscription will vanish. They can be played until October 15, but after that day it's time to say goodbye. Even so, this will not affect anything you have already bought. in the Discord store, since that goes apart.

The reason why nobody played these games, despite having among their ranks names as popular as Inside or the saga Bioshock, it seems more or less obvious, and there is already many other ways to play them. Either because players are subscribed to other services such as Game Pass, or because they had already bought them in Steam's sales or in some Humble Bundle, the truth is that there were not many reasons to pay attention to Discord in that regard.

Equally, it's a shame You have to leave it.

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