Around the first games of Pokemon there were many urban legends. Who does not remember the classic truck that was in the port of S.S. Anne, and that supposedly contained Mew? These things used to catch Game freak by surprise, as we just met.

The studio has uploaded a new video in Japanese whose translation we have been able to access thanks to the portal Siliconera. It comes out Hironobu Yoshida, singular Pokémon designer I celebrated, among others. The most interesting thing is when he admits that Game freak He had nothing planned around Celebi and the myth of his capture in the Encinar.

The rumor that the creature was in this forest of Pokémon Gold and Silver It expanded like gunpowder. This is due to a small wooden sanctuary that is in a very specific area, and that stood out among both tree and weed. The public, especially in Japan, began to speculate that it was necessary to wear both the Silver Wing and the Rainbow Wing for Celebi to appear In that place.

However, Yoshida himself admits that nobody in Game freak he remembers what that sanctuary was there for, although he explains that most likely it was just one more set. What he does remember is that when the rumor began to gain strength, the study was remarkably confused for not knowing where it came from.


Some time later, the developers would take care of make it happen, at least in part. In Crystal Pokémon, the extended version of Gold and silver, it was possible to catch Celebi in the Encinar sanctuary. Of course, the two wings were not needed, but the GS Ball, a special object that was only distributed through an event in Japan.

Years later, in the remakes Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver, this legend remained. Through another event, it was possible to access a subplot that involved Celebi and the Encinar.

In short, what today is a reality assumed by all, began as a mere rumor. But the truth is that Celebi hits that background a lot, right?

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