Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay Walkthrough Full Recreation PS4 Professional No Commentary 1080p 60fps HD let’s play playthrough assessment information.
Showcasing all cutscenes film version, all boss fights / boss fights, facet missions, deaths, upgrades, outfits / costumes, finest moments, ultimate boss and true ending.

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  1. Liu Bei: I wish they made an armor big enough for me in which to fit!
    Me: I will probably not be buying this game just from that!

    Yeah, now I see what they did to this game, how ridiculous, a shame they where doing well with 8th.

  2. No character creation at all?? Wow, that alone makes it worse than dy8. And the grappling hook should be removed from the game, just defeats the purpose of sieges. I also think they should boost the enemys stats dramatically, people like to have a challenge, not walk around in god mode one hitting everything. Main characters in the game should be extremely hard to fight.

  3. I really wish DW games had updating costumes as the story progresses. I always found it strange that Cao Cao has his "Emperor of Wei" look while still an officer under He Fei. And Liu Bei here has full regal armor, basically in his "Emperor of Shu" outfit when he's a basket weaver lol. The only costume update I've seen lately has been Xiahou Dun's eye patch and Sima Shi's mask

  4. If it wasn't for playing Monster Hunter World I may have picked this up just out of support to show Koei that I appreciate them going for a more in depth game. No sense in spending $60 on a game I won't get into immediately.


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