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  1. Is anyone else annoyed that this map has basically already been used in blackout? Like playing this pisses me off a little, granted I haven't gotten through the whole map but this feels like a waste of a dlc spot.

  2. Looking for a good group of solid players to complete the bo4 Easter eggs with. I have all the maps and we can figure them out together but if you've done them before that's even better. Message me on xbox, Gt: Bkidrandy

  3. This is almost enough to bring me back. Let's just hope dlc 4 isn't a whole new cast of characters that we have no attachment to and not a care for the storyline

  4. The Eyes in this Zombies is white, as well as we see in the trailer the main element is electricity which could potentially be "AVOGADRO" (the electric Guy) from Black ops 2 who was released by the transit crew  However the events of Alpha Omega could've of taken place before "Tranzit,Green run" meaning that the Government and Zombie Labs have thought of a way to trap Avogadro by using the pyramid which then was used for Samantha on Moon (Dr Maxis was caught due to an outbrake of the zombies as well as the power which was released containing power fragments of the apothican power to control the undead which was then needing vessels so a selected few was gifted with this destructive power )  ,until missiles from the Moon struck the earth releasing Avogadro forcing Russman to seal him in a secret lab used for testing element 115 Anyway back to Alpha Omega, The reason why Nikolai has gone there was to exterminate Avogadro before future events like Russman losing his memory or events which occurred after Moon meaning that neither maxis nor Richtofen could control the power of the apothican servants changing the course of history.

  5. After bo2 I’m lost in the story although I’ve bought season passes haven’t kept up with zombies in a minute I didn’t like the change I played a bit of bo3 zombies but that’s it for current gen

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