3.The separated palp stays connected to the feminine’s epigynum for about 4 hours and apparently continues to perform independently. Within the meantime, the feminine feeds on the palpless male. In over 60% of circumstances, the feminine of the Australian redback spider kills and eats the male after it inserts its second palp into the feminine’s genital opening; the truth is, the males co-operate by making an attempt to impale themselves on the females’ fangs.

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  1. Is this all recorded and edited? Or is there somewhere I can just watch everything? I want to see more of this and it's uploaded kinda slowly

  2. I am real excited for the next episode! I hope they get through one of the EDF games, they turned me onto them, and yet it takes me 40 minutes to pass where they have gotten to xD They seem to be getting better though, having an anchor and such, good strats:)

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