You have died and you have been sent to hell, but it turns out that it's not like they told you, because it is full of incredible parties. That is the premise of Afterparty, the new of Night school studio.

The developer has announced finally the release date of the game, and it will be neither more nor less than the October 29th. In this adventure we will control two characters at the same time, Milo and Lola, to which we will be shaping through the different dialogues and situations.

Their goal will be to get out of Hell, and they've discovered a way to do it: winning Satan in a drinking game. But we will not only relate to him, because there will be many characters from the underworld that we can meet drunkenness by.

In fact, they say there will be around 30 drinks that will have different effects on our communication skills.

Yes Oxenfree I liked it, it was because his dialogue system felt natural and fresh. I have no doubt that with this game they will do a great job in that regard. Afterparty, will leave for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on the appointed day, and for Nintendo Switch somewhat later.

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