FALLOUT 76 Gameplay Demo (E3 2018)

• Launch Date: Nov. 14, 2018
• Platform: PS4 Xbox One & PC
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  1. *sigh*…..I must be the only one dissapointed they're going this direction instead of putting off Fallout 5. Everytime I see more footage you can tell they're taking away from the core of what Fallout really is….they're just hopping on the Battle Royale(ish) bandwagon this year.

    I'll save my money for the last of us 2 and red dead redemption 2 which I'm so f'ing psyched for!

  2. That "dragon" is SOOOOOO SHITTY!!!! this is FALLOUT, not OBLIVION, plase……REALIZE THAT….PLS……that shit does not belong to Fallout World….

  3. Not sure why everyone is bitching who cares if it has online they might make a offline in it also ! Hell im happy to play with my friends online anyhow so I don't have to do long boring story lines with same old npc crap ! online is the future now !!


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