★ Following Bethesda Recreation Studios revealing Fallout 76, new information on the gameplay, multiplayer, story & setting has emerged! ★
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  1. "…according to three people familiar with the project". Yeah sounds like this trustworthy author who needs clicks to keep his job from Kotaku, the most reputable news source ever, has the BEST sources.

  2. I think it would be interesting if its Co op. For instance. Maybe one player is the protagonist and the other is the antagonist and you both have to work through a 2 sided campaign.

  3. There are those people that will say something just to get a response. And before most big named games are released their is a lot of misinformation that gets rumored around. Bethesda is still not saying much so that leaves the imagination to run wild. So before people get all bent out of shape lets see what Bethesda releases next about Fallout 76.

  4. I've often thought fondly of an online version of Fallout, but I've only played 3 and New Vegas. I'm somewhat excited to see where Bethesda goes with this, I just hope most of the mechanics and gameplay from those two games remain

  5. If it is a survival game they should do it like the division with a certain area that is pvp and is high risk high reward. I love me a good survival game so I will be on the hype train with the other 3 people who are looking forward to this 😂

  6. No one has said anything but I assume Fallout 76 will takes place somewhere in Colorado. Due to the use of John Denver's music and vault 76 hasn't appeared at any of the games. We've only seen vaults along the east and west coast of America.

  7. Omg this might be the best fallout in history. The fact that it’s online. AND that’s it’s inspired like day z Which IS A AWESOME ONLINE GAME. Bethesda. Good job 👏🏻 I will be buying fallout 76 And I’ll see y’all there. In the forest. 🌲


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