Fallout 76 Information and Updates: New Vault 94 gameplay from Fallout 76 upcoming free vault dlc’s! What’s the group council? What about Vault 94’s connections to Vault 22 from New Vegas?


2:28 What’s Vault 94? Story particulars and ties to Vault 22…New Enemies? Mutations?
5:47 New Mutations or Enemies..or each?
7:26 What’s the council voting machine all about?
9:23 Emergency administration terminal
10:30 High feedback from YOU all 🙂
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  1. As always, here's a quick way to get around the video. Thanks for watching! 🙂
    2:28 What is Vault 94? Story details and ties to Vault 22…New Enemies? Mutations?
    5:47 New Mutations or Enemies..or both?
    7:26 What is the council voting machine all about?
    9:23 Emergency management terminal
    10:30 Top comments from YOU all 🙂
    Thanks for watching!

  2. Maybe this DLC could answer what that creature that we find in The Lucky Hole Mine is, perhaps make it this DLC's boss monster

    It would be awesome if that thing was one of the residents of this vault, mutated by plants, and then you have to find your way into the seed room and fight it in there, like a huge dungeon

  3. I've always wanted to know if there is a queen or king of the scorched hive mind and where it is hiding. Perhaps vault 94 may hold and we have to lock the vault door to prevent it from escaping. I would like to see some form of dungeon or destiny-like raid hidden inside the vault

  4. Oh great a single vault, sure could use a few hundred new missions instead of one lousy vault that gives the feeling that yet again I'm a few hundred years late for when something was actually going on

  5. I’m fairly certain that this vault will serve as a “community.” Similar to tribes in ark. People can share items, farm together in the vault, donate items, etc. It makes sense to me with the voting, and the “vault ambassador” would be the leader of your people. That’s just my educated guess to this dlc.

  6. The number of people still upset about fallout 76 is kind of crazy. It really isn't worth 3 months of uninterested ranting.

    Now people that know what the game is and wanting it to change a little.. that's understandable.. but if you just want a singleplayer game you're probably going to have to stop focusing on it and wait for Fallout 5 or TES.

  7. I've come here to express my dislike for a game I never have or no longer play. I just have to make sure my opinion is heard because YongYea made me "woke" about games and I need to shit on them so others can also share my social justice wrath!

    -Woke Gamer

  8. How the F is there DLC when the base game is so busted? $70 for game play that is nothing but an endless grief-and-grind loop. Now they want more money when they haven't come close to delivering on what was already paid for?!?! How can you release DLC for something that is itself not finished? Bethesda should be doing nothing but patching and fixing this game until it works properly, not taking people off of bug fixing to add more layers of bugs. (Yes, I own and have tried to play it.)

  9. Guess I'm the only one having a ton of fun in 76.

    I'm SOOOO looking forward to taking on Vault 94 alone. The idea of being locked in a vault without any external help is exhilarating!! Level 50 optic camouflage, 4,000 rounds of .45 and .50 Cal ammo (with the best rifles), all the sneaks, all the picklocks, all the hackers, and ALL THE TIME in the world to enjoy making my way through to the mission objective.

    My ONLY regret is 76 doesn't let you pickup and move individual objects so I can't take a beer out of my inventory and set it on the vault door control panel for someone to hold.

  10. Dissapointing that again all the characters in this vault are dead. It would have been nice to be able to interact with at least a few surviving NPC'S even if they were behind a permenant door or window. It wouldnt be that hard to code and having them protected wouldnt break the game by allowing players to kill them

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