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  1. I like FFXV a lot and will defend it until the day I die, but the combat here looks like such a drastic improvement. Having this type of combat in FFXV would have made it so much better

  2. Only real complaint about the combat is that I don't like how Magic is tied to the ATB Gauge, I think Magic should just been it's own thing and just costed MP or at the very least only use half of an ATB bar instead of a full one. Also kinda weird that they used the Stagger Mechanic from FF13 but kinda makes sense.

  3. I dont care if they remake the fighting system not turn based anymore.. what i want playing my waifu Tifa and Aerith thats all.. especially Aerith's Great Gospell.. awww i love her limit break

  4. It will be shit. Just like the FFVII Compilation was shit, just like FFXIII trilogy was shit, just like FFXV was shit. Squenix haven't made a decent Final Fantasy since FFXII, which was the Ivalice devs and not the usual crew.

  5. How dare Square Enix make such a pile of rubbish from such an iconic game. Battle system sucks more than anything I could have imagined. Get a grip Enix it just looks like another 13 and yes 13 sucked too. Think I’m officially done with final fantasy after this.

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