Famitsu has published in Japan a guide of Fire Emblem: Three Houses It contains very valuable information to successfully overcome the campaigns of what is one of the best Nintendo Switch games. However, what has caught our attention is that its pages include information about the different DLC You will receive.

Specifically, all data related to the third and fourth downloadable content that have pending its launch for the next months. In this way we can get an idea of ​​what they will hold until Nintendo publishes all the official information later.

Starting with the third of these DLC will include Anna, one of the clerks of the monastery, as a playable character. There will also be new rooms to explore, more features in online mode, about ten new missions, the possibility of relax in a sauna, as well as new costumes to unlock.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

With respect to the fourth DLC it will be enabled a new secondary story, more playable characters, new classes to select, missions, battalions and many other functions and costumes, among which there will be some for Byleth and Sothis.

In addition, the third of the downloadable content will be accompanied by a free update which will control Jeritza on certain routes of history and new activities. Thus, we are waiting for the big N to reveal the complete information about all this along with the dates on which they will be distributed.


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