In Fireplace Emblem: Three Homes, what you do on the monastery has a tangible impact on the characters you are taking into battle. See for your self on this stay demonstration of the sport from the E3 present ground!

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks the New Fire Emblem game sucks?

    I am a hardcore fan of the fire emblem series and I preordered and bought the game. I played it for a week and I have to say it was a complete waste of time. This game is supposed to be a Hardcore Tactical Combat RPG, that is what I was expecting, and thats definitely not what I got. Props for voicing every dialog box but thats all my sixty dollars went torwards. The story is poor and very lazily written. The main character looks very generic and lame to me, and the costumes and the general asthetic is not what I've come to expect from a Fire Emblem Entry. The combat is okay for the most part except all the "Flair" behind many characters attacks. Other drawbacks (in my opinion) Include; the lack of actual battles, also crappy reasoning for said battles, whiny students at a MILITARY ACADEMY. Example: Badass fire mage dont wanna hurt people instead wants to heal, Heavy armor warrior dont wanna ride a horse anymore, etc. The fact there is over 800 damn conversations you can have every day. FOR WHAT? IM TRAINING AN ARMY!! This is a needless boring mechanic that needs to disappear. Another BIG problem I have is that there is no pvp like at all. In many other titles especially the gba entries had pvp and you could compare soldiers with your friends and see who trained up that character better and could fight against one another with your own tuned up force. Not in this game. If you are a Hardcore fan of the series, This hijinxed psuedo social sim isn't for you.

  2. good job nintendo on running 10 20 of the same add back to back cruchy roll i now will never buy that game its allmost as annoying as gramerly adds on youtube

    yep all it takes is 20-50 of the same add in a day or 20 back to back for un-ending loathing☢

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