Scarra received invited to play Riot’s new Recreation Teamfight Techniques (TFT) on their non-public PBE servers forward of time, to file gameplay footage of the sport to point out. The sport shall be playable on public PBE servers beginning tomorrow.
Stick round for an excellent Newbies Information to TFT tomorrow!

Twitch: https://www.twitch.television/scarra

directed & edited by: basti


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  1. Im confused when it comes to placing units on the board, I manage to get three of a kind and level a unit, then when I try to drag it onto the board it wont let me. How do i know the board limits per round? Im not seeing a capacity counter to tell me what the limit is. I noticed my opponent was able to enter more units. Just started playing 5 mins ago.

  2. It's garbage..that TFT game doesn't require skills at all, but rather pure RNG luck on random drops and champs. Lame and very retarded to upgrade champs and get specific items.

  3. Great content Scarra!
    I just wanted to ask, why didn't you buy XP? You said you need to level up but you had 50 gold and didn't buy any XP… What's up with that?

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