Nioh 2 is coming and immediately I acquired arms on with the model new Nioh 2 Alpha Demo. Nioh 2 launched character customization and the choice to play as male or feminine, very cool certainly! Anticipate three Nioh 2 movies immediately.

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  1. It's so nice to see this game again, I've missed my kodama buddies! I kinda wore myself out on it by forcing myself to grind enough to do upto way of the nioh

    I'm loving how many animations from the 2004 ninja gaiden game back into this especially after the hayabusa clan stuff in the dlc, it's nice to see your enthusiasm for the series renewed btw Suzy! Nioh was actually the game that got me watching your channel when I first started playing nioh myself so it was pretty sad to see you stop your playthrough so abruptly but looking forward to seeing you tackle nioh 2! 🙂

    (helpful hints; if the sloth talisman is in this game, it's how you make any situation easier lol/if you're scouting out a boss or a tough enemies attack patterns, start the fight in low stance as you get more dodge invulernbility/a better dodge/mid stance gives you better guarding/also the small amrita stones are generally useful for filling up your spirit guardian or what's now your yokai shift if you're empty before or during a boss fight)

    PS your hair always looks amazing!

  2. Nioh? I've never heard of this. Graphics look good. This showed up in my feed and looked interesting. The demon forms look incredible! Please. Tell me more of this game!

  3. Wish we could see Kagerasimaru/ phandral/ xlh gladiator!!!…. Nioh future may depend on it, For fuck sake team ninja, get ya shit togeather, freakn weirdos!!! Lol. But yeah great stuff lu,

  4. I don’t understand why everyone is so thrilled about character creation. It’s cool yes, but I have seen it in Tenchu Z before. And Tenchu Z was so much better than Nioh also considering ps4 potential VS xbox360.
    And also why the hell you can’t jump in Nioh?
    I am so disappointed by this, I was expecting much more from Nioh 2. I wish it had the same action as Ninja Gaiden.

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