Hope you all benefit from the For Honor gladiator murderer creed occasion mode gameplay! We truly did alright with some good deflects and parries! When you loved the video, be sure to love, subscribe and hit the notification bell icon. Love you all!

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  1. Lol wow I hate when ppl cut videos… yes I'm being selfish lol i like too watch the whole gameplay. Literally tho that's tho only thing that bugs me with u everythi g else is on fleek man gg keep it up, for honor 1 of the best games ever

  2. Also to add on to my last comment the fact that you go through your comments and actually like them and show the fans that you care what they have to say is really amazing. It feels really good knowing it’s possible to get in touch with a content creator I care for you know? Anyways again cheers 🥂 and I wish for you to have a bright career and future ahead.

  3. Great job on the video, I love your content regardless what you choose to do but it’s awesome to see that you consider and make new videos based off of your fan base input mad respect for being a good content creator and a overall good dude. Much love & cheers 🥂

  4. is this what high level 4s look like??? zone spamming gladiator, light spamming valkyrie, bash spamming centurion, kick spamming tiandi, light spamming aramusha. jeez, i cant wait for someone to open their eyes and make a 3D medieval fighting game that isnt EA or Ubisoft.

  5. The thing about Dominion and 4v4 is that people forget how to actually play and spam their respective spammables. For some reason, it becomes more difficult to deal with feints and deflects, something that KingMisty specializes in.

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