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Fortnite is the principle sport on the channel, as I’m a season 1 veteran who switched from PS4 to PC with controller.

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  1. 2018:Bring back double pump
    2019:Bring back pump
    2020:Bring back building
    2021:Bring back weapons
    2022:Bring back the map
    2023:Bring back Fortnite
    2024:Bring back PCs
    2025:Bring back houses
    2026:Bring back our planet
    2027:Bring back the universe

  2. Tbh the only way I would now pick up a combat shotgun is to pop of maybe a few 30/40 body shots from that range the drum gun might let you down at because the new shotgun has good range and I feel that's the only way it would be useful

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