FROZEN DOMINATION!! Evolve Gameplay Stage Two (PC Monster Gameplay)

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  1. To answer the most popular question…I’m playing offline against bots. If you have Stage 2 in your Steam library, you can still play AI matches!! Online is impossible, but I still have fun with this!! 🙂

  2. Wtf… I thought I traveled back in time for a second

    But let's be honest guys, maybe you're all nostalgic…. But the game really wasn't all that good

    The first few games were AMAZING don't get me wrong but the whole thing was an unbalanced mess, if you were the monster you could easily destroy new players but advanced players would just bully you to death

    And playing as hunters and chasing crows the entire game wasn't fun either

    It could've been so much more but it wasn't…. And add micro transaction to the mix

    The game didn't flop for nothing

  3. It’s sad to hear that you are lost in what to do with your channel.
    I’ve been a subscriber to you since your Dark Souls 1 gameplay way back when
    I do hope you find your way

  4. Hey, haven't played this game for like 3 years almost. What is your tought about it, there is a stabil player base, is it worth geting back into it? ( I sincerly tought that the game is dead so i didn't do some research on it recently )

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