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Particular due to Whynne once more in addition to Geoff from Mom’s Basement for serving to me work by all of the bits and items of this big sequence of three theories!

The largest thriller of Deltarune is the way it connects to Undertale. Is it a prequel? A sequel? One thing utterly completely different? Immediately Loyal Theorists, I’m right here that can assist you resolve this thriller. What’s Deltarune? Oh boy, do I’ve a solution for you!

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  1. FINALLY!! We're gonna address the possession theory!! There's been a ton of fans theorizing that the soul we control is us, while Kris is a separate person that we end up possessing and controlling. Some think that this is normal in their life, thus the cage being old and rusty and having "seen a few crashes" before.
    From a story/psychological perspective, I really like the idea that the Dark world is truly a figment of Kris' imagination, but from a gamer/theory perspective, I'm just not satisfied with it. There's no way there wasn't some sort of world that Kris and Susie were warped to. Yes, the Darkners are the toys in the room, but perhaps the dark world is a fantasy-like world that goes unseen by the Lightners, the darkners' creators. Perhaps there's some sort of layer that makes it invisible to them?

  2. My theory right now is that after Chara has control of the soul after our Genocide route, they are able to go back in time and make it so that the war never happened. Kris is Chara in this timeline if they had never fallen down the hole. Whether or not they are aware of this is up in the air, but they sure don't like being in control.


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