Lead Producer Ben Irving heads into Anthem to discuss the next update for the game.

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  1. I've been playing in Anthem over 60 h, and i really concerned about the future this game.

    Unfortunately I can't be at stream, I hope you can consider these suggestions:

    1. Please replace current load screens on contextual cycled animated scenes (on game engine or video clip) for example look to load screens in Mass Effect 1.

    2. Need add functions "mark on item" for disassembly (example: "The Division") in inventory

    3. Add more soucial functions in free explore mode:

    – contextual marker: player can mark enemy, resource point, spot of interest

    – Add functions alert on event (example: "Destiny")

  2. How bout being able to shoot flares into the sky passively every 30 sec when u go down that explode, as a visual for anyone in the area that might see it and rush over…

  3. Hey Bioware, I am really enjoying this game. However, the best thing you can do for Anthem is add more Strongholds and a PVP mode. Coming from a long time Destiny player, it was mainly the Strikes playlist and also the PVP that kept us all grinding and playing for 600 plus hours. If you want the end game to succeed, you really need to have about 10 or even 15 different Strongholds and multiple pvp arena maps

  4. I played 67hr and all I can say is: this game sucks. The first 50 Hr was fantastic. But the Endgame? Man, just three epic quests. This game was 6 "years under development. Loool

  5. Pls fix connection errors so I can actually play the game on ps4. Also can we have a mini map bottom left?… More comestic, my coins are building up and nothing worth buying. Don't want to buy gear sets, want to mix and match what I like.

  6. Oh hey Bioware. I am playing The Division 2 with a regular hard drive. Guess what? Fast load times and almost no loading screens. When did you guys become dinosaurs in the industry? Please blame your customer base for your lazy game development more.

  7. Base game is good . Anthem in its core is a good game unfortunately the little details is what separates a good game from a great game and that is what we fans of anthem want it to be a great game not a mediocrity. Here are a few things that need to change.
    1. Loot reward system. For a gamer it doesn't matter how hard a game is or how demanding in skills as long as after all the pain there is a good reward. Doing hard difficulty dungeon and after hours of hard work all you get is rare and epic makes you feel that the game is not worth investing time and effort. People wouldn't complain if there was an extremely hard mission but would reward you with a supreme weapon and that would be a token of greatness for someone that succeeded. That could be a limited time event or a mission on GM 3 regard.
    2. Loneliness … Fort tarsys feels very empty considering you play an online multiplayer game. Launch bay where you meet other players is pointless you should be able to see hear feel in a living breathing fort tarsis other players and interact with them.
    3. Armour. Customisation is cool but for a game that uses armoured suits " javelins" there is no armour to collect and to customise or not. Not only for appearance but for in game use. Let's say i get an armour piece like a torso that improves my heart bar and a helmet that is good against thunder attacks or a gauntlet that gives me less recoil etc.
    4. PvP ok it good to prevail against the world hazards with friends but in an online multiplayer game it counts among players to know who is better . PvP arenas medals for higher rankings weapon or armour rewards season tournaments and so on really matter to a gamer. Ok i have let's say a pilot level 30 and 500 power javelin wow i am great … And so what who knows it what did i earn more than others NOTHING but if there was a ranking to show that i have an armour a badge to make me distinguish from the lot that would be awesome. As i said before give the players a reason to strive for "look i have the crown banner" or "wow i topped the tournament and got this awesome weapon"
    Even complex things with a PvP PVE event . Let's say you have your team battle another team of players to infiltrate a dominion stronghold to steal an artifact. That way you would be battling other players of the opponent team and the game controlled dominion troops.
    5. Guilds it is a multiplayer game let us form gulds make raids and even war with other guilds
    6. Tons and tons of content. People like many different armour weapons customisation add ons and so on.
    7. Weapons feel generic there is no much difference between them to make a shotgun standout from another.
    8. Lore give people a good story complex things add dragons gods -ancient civilizations alien races -holy weapons – legends bioware needs no guidance in how to tell a good story
    9. Other game modes ! How about a javelin race

    I won't go into technical details like better servers – minimising loading times – disappearing enemies and other bugs i believe you will address all that if you haven't already.

    Online games are alive constantly changing adding things up . Challenging rivals and other players. Make people hooked up coming back for more always hungry for more. Give them variety keep them busy new challenges and missions.
    I don't want to upset you but look at what is the best online games right now and take the best parts and make them yours in a unique way without copying.
    I would really love my ideas to reach bioware and help improve anthem.
    You did the right thing when you corrected previous mistakes and did not turn anthem into a pay to win game like previous EA titles.
    Help us make anthem a great game a game to leave a mark in the genre.

  8. I would like to know if all the loading screens that were put in the game were because of any limitations the Frostbite engine might have or just poor game design by bioware. If it is a limitation of the engine then i can understand it because they were forced by EA to use the frostbite engine. However i have seen games that can go from location to location and not have a loading screen. In division when you enter your BoO there is no visable loading screen just an in game transition animation. Even in Destiny 2 they at least make the loading process somewhat entertaining by having an animated screen of your ship flying through space. So unless the engine just would not allow them to do something like that they really dropped the ball on making the world feel seemless and immersive. However i don't remember these many loading screens in andromeda even that seemed more seemless than anthem. All this being said and if it was poor game design then i have hope that they will be able to fix this and give us that open world immersive experience, but if it is the limitations of the engine this game will never feel expansive and open outside of flying around in freeplay. But even then you have to load into that.

  9. All I can say at this point is Bye Felicia. I just cancelled my EA Premier sub. There are just too many issues plaguing this game with no remedy in sight for at least a couple months? I was the first to say it looked like a great game. I was happy to pay for the sub to try it out. I was happy to get through the entire story and run out of things to do in a couple weeks of casual playing? Wait…no. I was not. End game feels so empty and repetitive with 1-2 masterwork drops every hour? Have the developers ever played a looter game? I don’t even care if you flood me with worthless masterwork drops, they can be torn down for crafting. The fact that you have to play for days to get enough drops to make just a couple crafted items is laughable. The fact that there is hardly anything to do at endgame is mind-numbing. For 6 years of development, I’m not sure what happened but I know I am not happy with the product. Once some additional tweaking and content is out, perhaps I will give it another shot, but for now, I’m out. And before anyone says well, you don’t have all legendary items yet so there is still more to do, uh, no. I have had 1 legendary drop in the 3 weeks I have played. That is ludicrous. I am already sitting in full masterwork with already insane rolls on my secondary traits so what else is there to do? There is still a slot that you can not even acquire a masterwork item yet? Seriously? Just seems like a product was pushed out way too early and now we are all stuck waiting. At least they only got me for $15 for a month of sub access and not $60 for the full game.

  10. I got some suggests and you can have these for free mmkay. I've wanted a game like this for a while so I'm holding out hope because the armor suits and flying are hella cool but it could do with some more variety in the environment: Picture this: Acid Pools. Water used to cool so we walk on it thinking we're safe but not in Darkwood Barrens (Fortress of Dawn area), gotta hover around the few pockets of solid ground. Heavy fog with reduced visibility and flight in the area of West Valve in Emerald Abyss. Areas with anti-air cannons with that satisfying pop of flak. my veterans know to stay low in that area. dank caves with holes in the cave walls where skorpions crawl out of and your only sources of light are your suit lamps and weapon fire. Something that makes each area feel different. the main story was all a green blur. only missions I remember are the first and last one. probably because there was at least a color palette change. I've got hope, though. I want to love this game. I really, really do.

  11. quick play crashed ! each time when you join a quick play strong hold its brings you to a crashed lobby ,can't play the mission ,grinding more then 7 days i only have seen 1 legendary i can't use it i use a different javelin ! we need items weapons ,gear special legendary items ! for real money ! make a store where we can buy legendary items for our javelin ! you can only pay with shards ! fix this asap your game is dying !

  12. Im IN LOVE with this game.. that doesnt mean it is perfect, it means im having a LOT of fun with my team spending hours and hours a day. Just fix my interceptors ability to not stay on screen after i use it and ill be happier… i declare my total support to this and looking forward for the first chapter XD

  13. Yeah "great game" guys haha! this is first time i see that Game community made mass protest against their game :p and that EVERY reviewer on You Tube just HATE this game and laugh from this game , Metacritic 4.3 !!! even worse than No Mans Sky at launch and Andromeda

  14. PSA Do not buy Anthem it has been in a broken state since launch. you will regret paying for this unfinished buggy console killing stain on gaming. if u were stupid like i was to trust bioware you Will regret it massively.

  15. Help us the loyal supporters of this game to find the fun here, by increasing the Legendary and Masterwork items please…
    We’ve been doing repetitive things without receiving our rewards, we still active playing Anthem, and defending this game, no matter other people say bad things about this game.
    We are getting tired of playing if we can’t find the fun and enjoyment anymore.
    We know you guys have been working really hard to improve and keeping us happy.
    But please this simple thing like legendary and masterwork items loot drop stinginess really hurting us.

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