The complete Gears 5 gameplay presentation and trailer from Microsoft’s Xbox briefing at E3 2019

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  1. more feminist shit, just look how they cast bitches trying to fight someone that weights like 400 pounds of pure lean muscle, that's fucking ridiculous. all these pussy developers making girls as main or secondary characters in videogames are allowing themselves to be emasculated by women. and many games are doing this now. hell im not even going to be completely fanboy here, even naughty went pussy with the last of us part 2. although that game won't suck quite as bad as gears 5 but still.

  2. Gears is dead…this was just not interesting. Just being honest. Feel like they had to try desperately to bring it back with CPR and awkward mouth to mouth action. The subtle sjw check boxes were all checked and the "hip and cool music" they've lost touch with gamers aged 25 to 40 entirely.

  3. Zero GAMEPLAY. Gaming companies and channels really need to stop misusing that misleading buzz word when showing in-game cutscenes and CG – both of which can be very different than actual, interactive gameplaying aspects.

    EDIT: type-Os

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