Gears 5 Multiplayer Gameplay First Take a look at Gears 5 Beta Tech Take a look at Multiplayer Gameplay!

Welcome again to a different Gears 5 Video! At present we’re going to be discussing Gears 5 being the primary take a look at Gears 5 multiplayer gameplay with Gears 5 beta tech check versus multiplayer gameplay exploring an in-depth take a look at Gears 5 Escalation multiplayer gameplay, Gears 5 COG characters multiplayer gameplay & Gears 5 Swarm characters multiplayer gameplay!

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  1. Everything looks epic expect that the omen when hurt getting red and covering the screen look like it will be annoying hopefully the change that. It be one thing if that happened after you actually died but not as the accumulation of damage is being inflicted..

  2. Yeah full red screen I don’t like at all. I’m seeing a lot of people saying the same thing so let’s keep this topic talked about. Game looks amazing though can’t wait to play!!,

  3. I dont like the reticles I dont like the mini map I dont like the screen fill on damage and I certainly don't like the gnashers got a 5 SHOT MAX LOAD

  4. The movement animations look really smooth and the kill cam is great I hope they put in a round ending kill or something. Only bad thing about this is the damage skull on the screen it takes up waaay 2 much space and limits your sight.

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