Genshin Impression is an open world motion recreation set within the fantasy world known as “Teyvat”, providing gamers a freely explorable world, a number of playable characters, an in-depth elemental combo-based fight system and a fascinating story. Developed and revealed by miHoYo, the title is scheduled to return to PlayStation plaftform in 2020.

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  1. All this drama the game caused brought me to this trailer, and honestly I'm glad it did cause this game looks pretty cool and interesting, and definitely worth checking out in my opinion after seeing the trailer.

    I also don't really get the Legend of zelda complaints. Other than the art style and this game being an open world game as well, what other similarities are there? Where was all this hate for Mario Maker that was essentially Little Big planet, but with Mario characters

  2. ok, I get where some of you guys are coming…It really looks "similar" to BOTW ….but it also looks unique enough… IDK, I'd like to play this! If it gets a port on the Switch, I'd play it hands down… I can't be "angry" to this, really, it looks lovely, well done!

  3. finally…something like zelda 😀 i never own a nintendo console and has never played zelda (cant just buy nintendo console for couple of good exclusives)….looking forward to this 😀

  4. This game looks awesome lol. I agree it looks similar to breath of the wild but the combat looks a lot more complex. And I'm a sucker for anime girl characters. I'm glad that guy broke his ps4 because of this lol. Great marketing.

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