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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a navy shooter set in a various, hostile and mysterious open world that you may play solely solo or in as much as four-player co-op.

Expertise a navy shooter set in a various & hostile open world that you may play solo or as much as four-player co-op.

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  1. Will breakpoint play and look good on the xbox one, I'm asking coz when I played the alpha, it didn't look pretty. This could be coz the graphics were turned down or because the xbox 1 can't handle it ( like PubG )

  2. Only Ghost recon I ever played was Wild lands and it was amazing what I really like was the ballistics first game Ive played where the bullets actually took time to reach the target and not juss a body dropping as soon as u pull the trigger

  3. for the people being sarcastic wise guys saying "i cant wait for the downgrades"in regards to the graphics…the game is going to be on shitty consoles as well. How are those systems going to cope with the graphics demand of a game that needs a good gtx graphics card to run at ultra settings?

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