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ESRB Score: RP

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  1. I fuckin knew Ubi was going to turn this game into an RPG. I don't care how you say it, with all of the loot, crafting, etc…if I wanted to do that, I'd have played Far Cry or The Division. Period. This isn't Ghost Recon anymore. This is absolute shit.

    Folks I started back in '01 with this game and have watched it turn into absolute shit. When I saw that GRW was going open world, even my old buddies who I still play the '01 Ghost Recon with have said, "This game…is officially lost."

  2. If you leave your A.I. behind when you get in a vehicle, do they re-appear in the vehicle like they did in Wildlands? Because not waiting for A.I. was a huge bonus in the game.

  3. Hey #MassiveG will you be talking to the makers of this game again ?? could you ask if they could make it an option to switch to the dark side the enemy's team and i have one bad thing to say when you get a really good single player game and the hours of game play is like so low you finish the game 2 months example they need to make single player game play longer

  4. If it’s always online I’ll pass. And how can they miss the fact the rotor blades on the helicopters are drooping during flight when they should be raised due to the weight of the chopper. It just looks cheap.

  5. I wish a dev studio would make an actual realistic shooter on a scale like this something with escape from tarkov level gun mechanics and movement in a massive open world. Would be insane!! Getting tired of these ubisoft shitshows. This game just looks like another ubisoft game that will get old and boring after a few months imo

  6. So what you said about in 15:25 area I’m
    Going on a 1 month vacation and won’t have WiFi around the time the game is released so my question is can I still play the game with zero connection and I preordered the harden case version

  7. Can you jump in this game? In Wildland you couldn't and that did base jumping with a parachute from a mountain nearly impossible…
    And it would be nice to be able to jump anyway in the game

  8. I wasn't going to get this game but with ai teamates , improved vehicles, better injury system and survival i'm in. on pc at 4k ghost recon wildlands was beautiful i can only imagine if it was improved further.

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