Try the primary 20 minutes of gameplay from God Eater 3.
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  1. WTF is the Japanese fascination with gigantic oversized weapons that are way too bulky to be actually used as a functional weapon? Maybe if they were made of plastic would you be able to use them, but then again, what's the point?

  2. MHW vs GE3
    1st ge3 almost copied the weapons of mhw but w/ a lot more eyecandy effects
    2nd monster list is way way more than mhw
    3rd i think fighting system here is way better specially in the end game since the faster you finish the better drops
    So what? Well lets assume 40-50mins mission time is all good to make sure you finish the quest but in mhw you will more likely dont care about the time unless you want to brag your solo play record time in youtube. Oh wait but mhw got the terrain interactions unlike here well mhw got no jump and double jump.
    3rd Balancing of character vs monster from early to endgame
    MHW got nothing compare to ge3 improvement of your own character but mhw goes more after mastery of the monsters to compensate.
    4th AI. Allies well its cats and some other animals vs humanoid ai (SEXY ai) choose for yourself. Then monsters well mhw monsters are op bec even they dont see you they know what your doing so they evade so much even just using so little moves like tail swing or look around. Oh did i mention theres no such thing as 1-2hitting you at the endgames of ge3? Unlike on mhw when fighting arctempered not even masterlvl / grank yet!

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