Simmland will get invaded by Aliens on this episode of Simmiland Gameplay.


In Simmiland you create a small civilization which you could solely affect not directly by taking part in playing cards to the land, resembling crops🍃 and minerals ⛰️. Enjoying a plant on a grass biome tile will end in a wheat plant, however taking part in a plant card some place else may even create one thing else. Attempt to experiment as a lot as you may!

Enjoying playing cards prices ✨ ‘religion’ ✨ that you just achieve from the people once they periodically pray for you, or once you fulfill their needs. One might need for a berry bush and one other for a lethal plague ☠️

One of many extra vital playing cards is the ⚗️ ‘examine’ ⚗️ card. This card could be performed on objects, objects and typically simply on empty tiles. The examine card will set off an invention that can assist the people discover your world additional.

The best way you form the land and information the people will determine which manner the people will develop. They will go so far as to construct a rocket! 🚀

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  1. You want to know what goes wrong with this game?… If people really had 180+ IQ everywhere, they wouldn't be believing in a religion. As in there would be no need for "faith points" in the game. There is no way anyone with 180 IQ or higher would still believe in something as ridiculous as "God" and religions.

  2. Drea the alien is good you just need to use a thunder on it.
    The UFO will destroy every thing when it crashes in a area.
    Use a thunder on a human to get lighting rod.
    Use a thunder on the lighting rod.

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