Minimize us some slack, youngsters. 2002 was a wierd time. A solemn America was nonetheless reeling from the horrific assaults of the earlier 12 months and all we needed to get us via the ache had been Juicy Fits, Ja Rule, and regardless of the hell PaRappa the Rapper is meant to be.

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  1. Don't think I didn't see that Persona 3 save file. I saw that and now I know that you dweebs like the same jrpgs as me, ADAM. I better see some love for the best game ever made for the PS2 next time.

  2. Omg I had the biggest crush on Lola Bunny.

    Also, in summer of 2002 I was turning 9. 😂 and probably renting Good Burger for the thousandth time from the Westwood Video down the street.

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