343 has proven off the primary gameplay from Halo: Attain on PC, which will likely be included in Halo: The Grasp Chief Assortment for PC and is from an earlier construct that will likely be proven off and playable at E3 2019.

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  1. Splitscreen on PC? Lol. Even I play PC on my living room TV but why should they bother doing split screen when the great majority of PC gamers will never play like that? It's just not a smart use of their resources.

  2. I wish every last gen game came to PC just for the 4K and 60fps, there's still titles bound to last gen like Shadow of The Dammed, Lollipop Chainsaw, Silent Hill Downpour, Neverdead, Splatterhouse, Nioh, The Darkness 1.

  3. "Halo: Reach" on PC. What a time to be alive. I never owned an Xbox but I've been following this game since it was anounced back in 2009. It was released on 2010, a very significant time in my life and I always saw "Halo: Reach" story as a metaphore for my own situation that year. Finally, after nearly a decade I will get the chance to fight this battle on my own. "Reach – a planet where it all began, a planet where it almost ended."

  4. Halo Reach… Man the memories
    The first Halo game that i played for every aspect of it. Story for me….perfect .
    Multiplayer so intence . Would love to play it once more on the PC. I switched fully to PC so …HELL ITS ABOUT TIME!!!

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