Get a very good have a look at a cinematic from Halo Infinite, coming to Undertaking Scarlett in 2020. Proven throughout Microsoft’s Xbox briefing at E3 2019.

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  1. "WE NEED TO RUN!!"
    "No, we need to fight."
    Classic Halo music plays
    That gave me goosebumps! And I live how when he got dropped onto the ground the entire ship shook showing how big and heavy Spartans really are, I love it!

  2. why is the kid not on the fucking hologram? who sends a holo of themselves looking off-camera, talking to a kid you never see while he says hi to dad ….put him on the damn "screen", mom wtf

  3. It's pretty jarring to me how shitty Microsoft first party games look
    They're spending a lot of money but their games look worse than even most third party games nowadays
    Someone isn't doing a great job
    Fucking Dying Light 2 from a mid sized studio in Poland (nothing against Poland at all) looks better than Halo and Gears 5
    If you compare to Sony and Nintendo games it doesn't even look like games from the same gen
    They don't try anything new it's always the same shit but a bit more polished than the last game

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