As we told you a few hours ago after posting Kojima Productions a extensive trailer of Death stranding full of details to better understand his argument, Hideo Kojima has been present at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 to show live a 50 minute gameplay of his next great work.

This new video has helped us to observe carefully how will the gameplay be, the possibilities that we will have when moving around its huge map, as well as to witness a few moments of action.

That said, without further delay we invite you to see this gameplay below and below we leave you with all the most important keys of everything that appears in it and what we have made clear.

  • The demo starts inside a base of Knot City Capital
  • Before leaving we can establish what will Sam carry in his backpack, with some really heavy pieces
  • Each of these pieces can be selected where they will be taken, whether on the back or hooked to the arms, for example
  • On the map there will be rivers with a strong current that can cause us to drop some part of our backpack or our baby to stress
  • The stage has a simply huge size, although in most of it there is nothing and we can only go from one place to another
  • If we want to go down a hill we can hold on to a rope and thus descend without problems
  • In the bases that we will find in certain points will serve to unlock more parts of the map
  • Sam's suit can be damaged, such as boots, which will force us to repair or replace them with others.
  • At this time we can take advantage to relax, sit on the grass and do a shoulder massage, sleep or play the harmonica
  • On the stage there will be stairs placed by other players
  • We will also meet capsules on stage to modify the gigantic backpack from Sam or make him follow us on the ground with a wire
  • In these capsules we can also modify parts of the suit
  • We will not be able to climb to a kind of floating drawer to move faster around the stage
  • If we catch some enemy in the back we can leave K.O.
  • One of the weapons we will have will be a gun that will throw stun rays
  • This type of weapons will also be carried by enemies and will be able to stop a vehicle dry
  • If there is a ravine large enough, we can jump it if we catch a run
  • In another area of ​​the demo they appeared sinister beings on the stage in the form of shadows that will disappear if we hold our breath
  • During the video he has been caught in these shadows and Sam has been moved to another place to face a giant four-legged creature
  • After attacking the beast with numerous grenades, it is time to flee from it by jumping down collapsed buildings and other rubble
  • On the ground, which seems to be formed by a rather strange black liquid, it can appear the shadow of other players to give us objects
  • On the stage there will be lakes of a yellowish color in which we can bathe and relax
  • In these places we can immerse ourselves with the baby's capsule that we carry on a piggyback and sing a song for him to laugh
  • Another possibility will be that of place signs on the floor with directions for other players to see
  • We can give it a "like" to objects placed on the stage by other players
  • When opening the map we will have the option to set custom routes of the path we want to follow
  • Finally, at another point in the demo Sam has woken up in the bed of a base from which you could access a shower with a built-in toilet to do so your needs

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