New Aatrox High Gameplay! League of legends Aatrox Season 9 gameplay!
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Season 9 Aatrox runes information League of Legends
Conqueror – Triumph – Tenacity – Coup de Grace
Style – Ravenous Hunter
10 AD – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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  1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM WHAT UP! Please make sure you are Subscribed to this and my Highlight channel I am pumping out some great content for you guys 🙂
    New SRO Highlight (Highest LP I have EVER been!)


  2. SRO I watch at least 1 vid of yours on the daily for the last year! <33
    You GOTTA make a new Aatrox video since he's been nerfed/buffed so much I have no idea how to play him…. is he a scaling champion now? I know he works off resets?

  3. idk why u say he is more op now than before, literally only nerfs to all of his spells except for the ultimate but only if u get an takedown. Before this mini update he was completly broken in the right hands, right now he is just worse in all ways. I mean why would u pick aatrox instead of Renekton now? Renekton has better sustain, more damage and more mobility.

  4. Number one I think that wits end would be a good option against a heavy ap team or a feed ap enemy, even more considering that you are playing an attack speed dependant character (I was going to do that in a game but it ended before I could complete it and I just bought the defensive item XD) and second that baron play where they kept interrupting the baron was hilarious

  5. Yo, with the passive why not attack speed build E max? Phantom and Guinsoos for that sweet double passive proc. Could be a fun troll build at the least

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