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  1. 4:37 just before he un-scopes you can just barely see the player in question running right at the right-most tree. I wonder if Choco noticed that or not before turning around to gun down another bad guy.

  2. Choco.
    I barely started,watching you on september 8th. My girlfriend of 9 years(im 23 now) had left me a day before on the 7th.
    I figure i might as well say it aloud because itll sound dumb to pretty much anyone in my life thats left.
    I live in Washington state surrounded by a skate and hardcore scene. Also massive bar scene.
    And she was apart of it all.
    You have given me those chill nights that were still absolutely the hardest to overcome.. but you literally emit relaxation and casual humor that is truly enlightening.
    Reminding me that it wasnt and isn't so bad to be human.
    Always been a good gamer myself i believe and you inspire for just focusing on the fun(if we are getting to the gaming topic itself..luls)
    Anyways, happy new year.
    Thank you for the past 3 months.
    Youve been such a huge help in all my loneliest moments and i came out the other side alive.
    Thank you.
    Thank you a million times over choco.

  3. I have sent a personal email tu blue hole and pubg corp. for a crazy diamond chocotaco pan skin and hooded jumper choco style, in a few days it will be in the game 😉 , your welcome

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