[Humble Bundle] Braveland (FREE) after three stickers and The Ship: Homicide Social gathering (FREE) after 5 stickers for visiting the Humble Retailer every day and gathering a stamp for every go to. Ends September sixth, 10 am PDT

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  1. Big fan of The Ship here. Just giving my 2 cents.

    Man, I loved the Ship.

    There’s still a server that people visit.
    It was one the first 2 indie titles I ever bought on steam 10 years ago.
    One of the first HL source indies.
    The only other FPS I played more was CounterStrike, so that’s saying a bit.

    The new version The Ship: Remasted (haha pun) came out early access with no doors to hotel rooms, and significant gameplay changes because it was a different dev.
    Sad to say it flopped deservedly so.

    Would be nice if they could drum up players for the new one, but offering the old version for free when people could gift it free for years is not the way to do it. Blazing Griffin is clueless.

  2. For anyone who got out of stock keys for Braveland and didnt noticed the message:
    ATTENTION: We have run out of Steam keys for Braveland. We are getting more ASAP. We will have Steam keys for you as soon as they are available again!


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