[Humble] Warhammer 40ok: Area Marine (Free)

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  1. I remember back when this came out (on PC) thinking “Well, I’ll get this because the only way to get Gears of War, is to find an old overpriced physical copy. This will have to do.”

    Then when I actually got Gears of War on PC I thought “I had a lot more fun in Space Marine fighting hordes of baddies rather than this old cover-shooter system.”

    I just wish the game had a coop campaign. IIRC you’re almost always with a couple allies. Idk why not implement coop.

    There was a wave-based coop mode, but thats far from a coop campaign.

  2. I’m so happy about this! Always wanted to try it, but all my friends moved on from it. Price has always been too steep to justify buying it too. Patience paid off! Excited to play it this weekend

  3. Probably on of THE best Warhammer 40K games ever made. Dawn of War is good to but both of these games cater to a different crowd. Combat is fun and sound design is especially great.

    Only mechanical issue is the fact that you only recover health from performing executions, and when the animations take 2-3 seconds a pop it leaves you open to damage from the swarms that you’ll usually face. This can lead to some irritating deaths but overall its a real fun game once you get the hang of what to do/not to do.

  4. This is absolutely worth a pick up. Everytime I want a reminder as to how awesome the 40K setting is, I boot this up.
    I highly recommend a playthrough on Normal tho, easy is just waaaaay too easy and hard just doesn’t seem balanced for the later levels and leads to a frustrating experience instead of just the joy of enjoying the fantasy of it all.


    The Emperor Protects. Just Play on Normal.

  5. Seems like Humble added a redemption deadline to the newest giveaways? I don’t remember it being a thing, but I had unclaimed key for Orwell, which it says it will expire September 1st. Just a heads up.

  6. It’s a little repetitive but very fun and worth every dollar of “free”. It’s just that the location around you doesn’t change much and you spam the same fire/sword keys throughout the game. One cool aspect of the game is how the lower-ranked NPCs respect your main character. And how your obviously godlike character speaks respectfully to lower ranked characters.

  7. This is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played, except for the rather unfulfilling let-down of a final boss fight (stupid goddamn QTE fight).

    The intro to the game is one of the coolest gaming experiences ever. Right from the very start, this game makes you feel like a space marine, and it’s _awesome_.

  8. Internet nobody here, coming out of the woodwork, to let you know that this game was the crown jewel of my ps3 game collection. Single player is fucking fantastic and so satisfyingly fun. The multiplayer is just as fun but died out a long time ago. Nobody ever played the expansions on multiplayer even when they first came out. I hope this all changes now that this game is trending on the subreddit. I am going to download it and play on for PC for the first time. I hope some of you will join me!

    Show me what passes for fury among your misbegotten kind!

  9. It’s advertised on my region’s store, but when I click the banner it says it isn’t for sale in my country.

    If I used a VPN to get the key from Humble Bundle, could my account get banned?

  10. I never played Warhammer 40k game. I wanted to start somewhere month ago. I heard this one is one of coolest way to get into the universe if you don’t want to start with strategy game. I put it then on my Wishlist. Now it’s free. I’m off.

  11. If you ever wondered what would be the most glorious video game recreation of Warhammer 40k violence, this is it. It’s the first game I played where your life bar is filled by causing extra violence. It forces you to always be slaying. No hiding behind a rock for 15 seconds while your shield charges.


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