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  1. Leave a like on the video if you want more kombat league vids <3 I had not played in over a week and come back to less point lol its ok though we have johnny van damme on the job of point collection! hope you enjoy

  2. Just lost my Grand Master rank because i didn't want to play anymore after i got the scarlet skin. How many matches daily do you have to play to keep from losing 100 points?

  3. Hi is anyone else having problems with mk11. I just be on the grind for gear and everything else. Some reason it says can't connect to mk servers and this happens when the last fight on the tower begins.

  4. will someone please tell me what the hell are down 2’s and forward 3’s etc etc, is that for pc or what? when ever i watch someone play they always talk about it but i never know what it is

  5. I can't seem to learn the combos. I guess I need to play it ALOT or I'm just slow…LOL I've notice no one actually learns all the moves of the character. They get a combo down and I guess they feel that's good enough.

  6. Yea i was gone for 4 days and went from Demi God to 50% Grand Master lol. Last night i decided to start climbing again and fought 9 Scorpions in a row and was bored outta my mind. Think ill bow out this season at Demi God.

  7. When you talked about Frost, I related so hard. I surprisingly prefer the trap variation to because it’s so much more fun ( according to me ) than the second one. But I’ve found that the only way to reliably start a trap is by the b3 2 d1 and then cancelling the 4 or 1 3 into the head -_-

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