Name of Responsibility Trendy Warfare killstreaks:
Name of Responsibility Trendy Warfare multiplayer gameplay doesn’t have a radar. You need to earn a UAV killstreak with a purpose to use it. I initially thought this was a good suggestion however have modified my thoughts. Right this moment’s video a proof of what is improper with the radar. That is PC Gameplay, PS4 gameplay, and gameplay of heaps maps, weapons, tools, killstreaks, and many different enjoyable stuff!

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  1. How about a minimap that is only a map without any red dots for enemies unless you have radar/UAV. The compass is still how you find out where shots are coming from, the map is there to keep track of your teammates and surroundings.

  2. I honestly don't rely on the radar but use it so I'm not lost in the map. Not having it at all sucks and I hope they change that. I get the realism aspect and respect that 100% but still is like to know where I'm at and my teams at

  3. This is the second video I have watched where he doesn't seem to care about accurately informing on the kills needed for killstreaks. A personal UAV is 3 and a full team UAV is 4. Not 8. I dont know how he can make his opinion on the game while not knowing basic facts

  4. the only argument i have in favor of the radar is that i like knowing the positioning of my teammates around the map, but they already fixed that it sounds like w the blue outline, so i honestly dont see a problem anymore. using your eyes and ears and actually playing the game sounds much better to me

  5. The best way to balance what the devs are going for is the 4 killstreak personal radar should be an automatic kill streak without having to waste a streak selection on personal radar, you should just earn at least the personal radar streak without choosing it so you have room for more important streaks like regular UAV.

  6. The loud guns are awesome and shouldn't be changed. It would be cool if using a suppressor could give you the ability to hear your surroundings by some degree. This would make it risky to camp because they will be forced to sacrifice awareness or damage.

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