The renowned co-founder of Platinum Games and author of classics like Bayonetta It is one of those personalities that never ceases to surprise. Today has made history, and no, it was not for being the person who more people have blocked On twitter.

Those who follow him, know perfectly well that Kamiya is a player quite skilled. This has been demonstrated with his score in the NES game Ninja-Kid (available on Switch under the Arcade Archives series), which has earned it a Guinness record for being the highest in the world in Caravan mode. 158,680 points, nothing less.

The official account of Platinum Games on Twitter he congratulates the veteran director and launches a challenge to the rest of the world. Let's see who dares to beat him.

Congratulations to the board member of Platinum Games, director, and now holder of a Guinness World Record Hideki Kamiya! Kamiya's impressive 158,680 points in the Caravan mode of Arcade Archives Ninja-Kid have been officially recognized as the tallest in the world! Do you think you can beat him?

Now that they have given so much hype, I have no doubt that many users will begin to give quite strong to Ninja-Kid to try, at least get close to your score.

Hideki Kamiya He has created some of the most demanding action games ever seen in the middle. His last work was going to be the now canceled Scalebound, exclusively for Xbox One. The last thing we have known about his work is that supervised the development of Astral chain. Will you come back to lead Bayonetta 3? Only time will tell.

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