Go away a like on the video for that old-fashioned kotal injury! 🙂

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  1. leave a like on the video for that old school damage for kotal <3 i'll try to come up with something close to the black mamba combo in the future
    check out some of my recent mk11 vids if you missed them. The mileena finisher

    Crazy damage for frost

  2. Thanx Super!!! I didn't think anyone was going to showcase Kotal Kahn due to many people believing the character is the worst to play in MK11. " On your knees…" is hilarious though…

  3. Hey super awesome videos
    It would be more awesome if you can try out some fatalities when you win especially kotal Khan's second fatality is epic as fuck
    Love your videos man
    Learnt how to play Eron black from you
    Keep it up man😍😍

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