[Itch.io] A Dream (FREE/100% off)

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  1. Nice that it’s free, but it seems like something that would be free all the time. $1 isn’t a bad price, but when marketing your game, you really shouldn’t mention things like “first project” and “high school student” as selling points. I don’t know if I’m supposed to play this for fun or to play this for critique. If I’m playing to critique it, I feel like the game should be free all the time, because it’s a learning project. If you want to sell it and use GameDeals as a platform to promote it, tell the potential player base why they should want the game.

    That said, it looks like the game performs well, and the aesthetic of the game, while simple, is pretty nice for what it is. Nice work.

  2. It’s a nice try for a first project, but I gave up after the first few levels when I kept missing a jump that my gaming experience tells me should be too far for me to jump. Obviously it is not (otherwise that would be the end of the game), but it wasn’t working for me – and I realised as I was attempting it that it just wasn’t anything driving me to get past that point anyway.

    For some reason, when I went to download it only the 32bit low graphics version was offered to me to download. I see now that both versions are there now.

    I played the game on Linux using Steam’s Proton to run it (which I obviously ran directly since this isn’t a Steam game). It worked fine.


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