She decides who lives and dies. Witness how Kayle delivers her divine judgment.

The Kayle champion highlight reveals the brand new gameplay and visible replace for League of Legends’ basic celestial warrior.

See a preview of Kayle’s new talents in recreation and the way her equipment leaves enemies begging for mercy. Her final, Divine Judgment, unleashes a cascade of shining swords, and her new Starfire Spellblade melts foes with ranged assaults that deal fiery space of impact harm.

Over the course of the sport, Kayle ascends and transforms, rising in energy, flying on a number of wings, and changing into a rapid-fire DPS late recreation menace. Watch the complete champion highlight to see the Righteous change into almighty.

Kayle is on PBE now and might be stay and obtainable to play in recreation quickly. Within the meantime, try extra Kayle preview content material:

Kayle Reveal:

Kayle Champion Trailer:

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  1. Am I the only one who think it's unfair that they reworked Kayle and didn't do anything to Morgana but update her spalsh art and particles. I mean yes she works and has nothing wrong with her, but the thing is, I think she deserve to be spiced up a bit more.

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