Killsquad laptop gameplay preview (no commentary) with an xbox controller.
Playlist: In regards to the recreation:
“Unleash hell on a coop A-RPG the place bounty hunters raid planets for glory. Select your quest on the On-line Contract System. Unlock expertise mid-mission to adapt. Wreak havoc with distinctive weapons. Scavenge supplies to spice up them. And, for those who survive, spend your bounty on gear to stay one other day.”

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  1. Nice gameplay video, shows most of what we'll experience ingame.

    Think I'll pass for the time being, it's way too similar to Helldivers which came out in 2015, would be fine if it had something more, new or different.

    Worse it currently looks to have less features than Helldivers, which had from early on the option to call in a drop for player beacons, turning it from singleplayer to co-op in a flash even during the heat of combat.

    Leveling up in the field could be a burden during co-op or timed missions when you team has to wait or the time is about to run out.

    It's still in early access so let's hope it get's polished quite a bit to not be inferior in some ways compared to older releases.

  2. The dude whos playing this has no clue on how to play a melee class in isometric games. lol. Buttheading skillshots, staying inside linked mobs that cause DoT. Jesus christ. It pains me to watch him play.

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