See the up to date model of Last Fantasy 8, revealed at E3 2019.

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  1. In some ways the characters faces look worse. They look too corny now and too baby faced. It has somehow caused the game to lose its edge. Their battle filled lifestyle would have naturally aged them beyond their years.

  2. I had honestly given up hope on this being a thing. I missed Square's E3 this year, and heard about this in passing in a video reviewing the entirety of E3.

    Honestly, as a personal fan of this game, needless to say, I flipped all of my shit!

  3. No hate, but don't you think they are being a bit lazy by remastering instead of remaking… I'm kinda disappointed, I'm not sure if I'll even get it because I played through ff8 quite recently

  4. Ehm.. So when they announced the first "remake" of FF VII which turned out to be exactly like this: old game, HD textures.. Everyone was pissed and angry but when they do this with FF VIII everyone's suddenly happy?! I hoped for a super negative crowd reaction (and comment section), then we maybe could get a TRUE remake like we get for FF VII now…

  5. I never got to finish this game because of a malfunction in the 3rd disc in the copy I had.

    It would load up like normal go through the cinemas and in the first fight scene, the game wouldn’t load the enemies.

    So all I’d see is my characters in fight stance and animating but no enemies would appear and the game would be stuck.

  6. My favourite 3D FF game and the one which holds the most nostalgia for me (FFIV & FFVI are my favourite overall.)
    I can't wait to play this and hopefully Platinum it on PS4.

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