Effectively, with Ghostface confirmed to be coming to Lifeless By Daylight after a developer construct leaked out to individuals, some of us have been in a position to present some attention-grabbing issues with this 3.0.Zero model of the sport. None of that is me enjoying it. This footage was supplied to me by some individuals who nonetheless had the developer construct put in they usually performed versus each other and thus supplied me with this footage you see right here.

On this video we’ll watch some recreation play footage from each views between Ghostface standpoint and the survivor fleeing from Ghostface. You may get a way for a way the Haunted Shroud and Stalk energy and the Easy Components perk will work. Plus you possibly can see how unfinished it’s with no locker pull animation, awkward stuns, and many others… The mori can be contained on this video so remember, though it would not have sounds added to it but.

Talking of sounds, why do not the sounds heard right here on this gameplay line up with the sounds HorsePower supplied on Reddit? Does that imply something?

HorsePower99 on the Lifeless By Daylight reddit extracted all of the sound recordsdata from the sport. And there have been some very attention-grabbing sounds within the recordsdata, some marked as “Killer 16”. Assuming these sounds are related to the subsequent chapter, what can we interpret from them? Here is the hyperlink to HorsePower99’s findings


Do you assume this will likely be a full chapter containing a map and a survivor to go together with Ghostface? Or will this merely be a paragraph with solely Ghostface within the DLC? Are all our hopes and goals of Woodsboro and Sidney Prescott et al dashed?

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This superb Ash vs Evil Lifeless cabin background designed by 3D environmental artist Topher Sassman:


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  1. It would’ve been cool if ghostface could actually go through some obstacles so at least he actually has a power and not just look cool instead of breaking the obstacles he could teleport through either that or windows sense he’s human make him be able to go through it as well as the players

  2. When u crouch in stealth mode do u have no terror radius? Can u creep up on ppl like pig?! 😁 if yes. So he can stalk like Myers to get one hit downs?! A cross between Myers and pig?! That's what I'm thinking and that sounds like a very good killer

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