Hideo Kojima’s newest recreation arrives solely on PS4 November 8.

Bloodied Mikkelsen, bridge infants, black goo?! Kojima’s newest launch date trailer teases an all new, style defining expertise.

Sam Bridges braves a world totally remodeled by the Loss of life Stranding. Clutching the stranded remnants of the longer term in his palms, Sam embarks on a journey to reunite the shattered world one step at a time. What’s the thriller of the Loss of life Stranding? What’s going to Sam uncover on the highway forward? A style defining gameplay expertise holds these solutions and extra.

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  1. So on top of not knowing what this game is you have to carry babies around like batteries???… what is the motivation for wanting this besides 3 famous recognizable actors and one famous movie director?

  2. from what ive gathered, basically through some kinda science occult shit, the wall between life and death broke, the dead basically wrecked america to the point where we are back to villages. then using new born monster babies can matrix into the other side and see the spirits as a physical form instead of tar. and ladders are key to the future.

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