Watch Luigi discover a medieval-themed portion of the haunted lodge to achieve a spooky jousting boss.

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  1. The game graphics look incredible, but I’d still choose the first one…the design and the atmosphere were on an another level.
    After all, the first title was made by the original japanese team.

  2. So will this one be like the first and you get to explore the whole place and unlock rooms as you go?
    Or will it be mission based like the second and you only get to explore certain sections that it wants you to and do certain objectives?

    Really hoping it's the first option. Couldn't stand the missions/levels of dark moon. Either way it looks fun I guess

  3. It looks less atmospheric than the first one (for exemple, when you enter the boss room, a cutscene starts immediatly, instead of letting you wander in the room and do something that will make the boss/cutscene starts, like in the first one)

  4. So, what I know is that the floor in this gameplay is Medieval-themed. Does this mean each level consist of something that was in time? In the Hollywood-ish floor where Morty is, it symbolizes the 20th action before 3D technology took its place. Using costumes and other sorts of simple works, that would actually mean the Hollywood-themed level could represent the times movies were simple.

  5. When I was younger, i, no lie, played the first Luigis Mansion on GameCube over 20 times. I freaking loved it. I never got to played the 2nd one because I never owned a 3DS, but if they made a port for the Switch, I would buy it immediately.

    I'm super hyped for this game.

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