Madden 20 gameplay is what is going to decide if the sport is sweet. Madden NFL Soccer has struggled with gameplay prior to now, however the information now we have right now actually sounds promising. We’ll be speaking about new RPO’s, Philly Particular, Jet Sweeps, gameplay enhancements and extra for Madden 20.

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EA BLOG: games/madden-nfl/madden-nfl-20/information/gameplay-playbooks-rpos

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  1. Gets me real tight because I'm a YouTuber on PS4 and I play Madden on the PS4 with a Scuf Vantage controller the more funner they can make it they're supposed to be fixed in mechanics on Ultimate Team so it's easier to play all three teams that's one of the reasons why I never play Ultimate Team but Cheerio butt you have a PlayStation my bro and you want to call him sometime and then 20 we can fallen_citizens there you go there's my PSN name have a great day

  2. Man these people are so negative and want them to do everything within a year. I like what EA is trying to do and this Madden could definitely be one of the best.

  3. real player motion is too stiff. I like how you can no longer swerve around defenders without doing a juke or spin like in madden 12-16 but I feel like you can turn a little more sharp in real life than the game is giving us.

  4. Great vid man! I’m so excited about the possibility of the playbooks being team specific and the variety of plays expanding, Definitely gonna be the next Sean McVay and create my own scheme ! lol

  5. Until we get advanced defensive adjustments ex. set the zones of where I want my dB or lb to defend, I'm never buying another Madden. All I do is defend against money plays all day and then once I figure out, a new set of glitches and money plays come. If I know I get a post route coming because the guy has called that play for the 100th time, y can't I just tell ym defender to zone exactly to that spot where I know he will throw because if I User him, then he will just toss it off to another receiver who will always be open in that money play as well.

  6. Gameplay still sucks.

    Look at how Samuels gets vacuum tackled at 1:54 instead of having his momentum at least carry him an extra yard or 2. He just stops in a pre-canned animation.

    Just like every other Madden since 2013

  7. Can't find sources back, but if I remember correctly the teams using RPOs the most are around 15%. The teams using man cvg the most are up to 40%.
    Good QBs time to throw <2.5 seconds, bad QBs ttt > 3 seconds
    My question is simple: will they be able to replicate real football?

  8. I want to see the pulling guard actually get up in the hole and actually lead block on a trap. Or actually pick up a block on tosses or sweeps instead of moving laterally and blocking you from getting up field.

  9. Run those zones reads to just get picked off by those LBs with hands of glue and oh by the way, they won’t even be looking in that general direction but they will somehow know the ball is going that direction and make a 180 faster than I’ll throw my controller through the window after it happens

  10. These r all great upgrades if everything they r promising works well then this Madden will b the best of the generation but of course there’s a good chance some stuff will still b broken and even possible new problems

  11. Did they fix where if you run too close to a defender, they insta tackle you? I've ran through a hole with my RB and the DT was literally falling on his back, then instantly teleported on my RB and tackled him because my RB got too close to him

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