Battlfield V Gameplay footage of 5 new maps together with a Metro remake and the Pacific. Let’s check out the brand new trailer and information drop! NEW T-shirt: Go away a LIKE and a remark, thanks for watching.

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  1. 6:24 With the addition to the new content that is way overdue to BF V, Jack finds it important to mention the shark – and the shark is the most important thing added to battlefield v since launch and it is what the community has been asking for all this time… FINALLY DICE LISTENED!

  2. Man, they always know how to make Battlefield trailers look amazing. I told myself I wasn't gonna get BFV (nothing to do with the woman thing) just wasn't interested in another WWII with barely any interesting maps. These look awesome though, its a shame its taking so long for them to come out. By the end of the year we'll finally get a complete game. Would have been nice if all these maps and more were available at release..

  3. Btw why we getting Iwo Jima when the battle happened in 1945 when we’re still at the beginning of the war bit fucking stupid to me and so historically inaccurate from the community for wanting this, it should have been the Russians first with the operation Barbarossa, then the attack of pearl harbour being in the December which more diverse iconic accuracy for like chapter six, an gave us the maps like wake island and battle of Philippines then Doolittle raid, battle of coral sea and Guadalcanal campaign an so on not automatically jump 3 or 4 years ahead an five bloody peleliu and Iwo Jima didn’t know they happened in 1941!!

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