Mortal Kombat 11 Gameplay Kung Lao/Liu Kang

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  1. Was Kung Lao character always arrogant? I was only introduced to him in Shaolin Monks and I think he was bitter in that one which surprised me. I think in his concept art he is always got his eyes hidden and doing doing monk prayer gesture so I always assumed he was the brooding, quiet one.

  2. I do not care about the improvement over the graphics as well as the other stuff. This game has gone utter crap in one way. They destroyed all the beauty of women turned even characters such as JADE into robotic chunks! while keeping BOOBIES and NIPS on ugly male characters.

  3. Liu Kang's new voice is meh his MKX voice like Sonya's fit him perfectly but atleast better than Rousey. They improved Kung Lao cause he was bad in MKX gameplay wise.

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