MORTAL KOMBAT 11 – Kombat Pack DLC Reveal or Shang Tsung Gameplay Subsequent Weekend? With the dearth of MK11 DLC information, the subsequent large occasion going down that NRS is selling is Combo Breaker! Crazily sufficient, it is going down within the home-state of NRS as effectively, and we even noticed the reveal of Crimson Hood’s gameplay there a number of years in the past too! Personally, I would not be too stunned if we FINALLY get a style of what is to return proper earlier than the grand finals start for MK11. If we do although, I am nonetheless not even positive if it will be the complete Kombat Pack DLC or if it will be merely simply Shang Tsung? What do you guys assume? Anyhow, what do you all consider this? Let me know! With that stated, drop a like, depart a remark, and subscribe for the whole lot Soul Calibur 6 & Mortal Kombat 11 associated.

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  1. Do you guys think we'll be seeing an all new #MortalKombat11 reveal @ Combo Breaker next weekend? Do you think it'll be the FULL Kombat Pack or just Shang Tsung? Please LET ME KNOW! Drop a like if you enjoyed and subscribe for more MK11 on the daily! Love you guys and thanks so much for watching! <3333333333

  2. Instead the assholes at NRS should be bringing actual sexy non woke stuff while apologizing to their fans,their SJW shit has really hurt their pockets…bring sexy costumes and Mileena back,i give zero fucks about Shang or any shit "guest characters".

  3. Does anyone else think that the Kombat Pack is overpriced as hell? I’m new to the MK fan base so I’m not super clear on the quality of this content, but $40 for primarily 6 characters seems high.

  4. I personally think we’ll see Shang Tsung this coming week st combo breaker with a release for kombat pack either that weekend or early the following week. I think they’ll announce another character, especially if the leaks are true and spawn is in

  5. I think they're waiting on it because they know how much it has gotten leaked and the moment they release one character other than shang sung and it's on the leaked roster then they'll expect us to know the leak was real..that's my opinion

  6. Is it me or did anyone else get annoyed when he said Illinois the S is silent. Dynast must be from the south because they all say Illinois even though the S is silent.

  7. I think what they'll do at combo breaker if anything, is reveal the 2nd dlc character and release shang tsung the next day. Then next month reveal the 3rd and release the 2nd, so on so forth.

  8. Mortal Kombat is corny do not buy it. It's the only game I know of with a 5-hour story mode that you can drop $400 on it's f**** stupid don't waste your money. Just watch the cut scenes on Youtube you'll be more satisfied and it will save you hundreds of dollars

  9. God I really hope they don’t drag out all the reveals and just reveal the characters at once. No way I wanna buy the kombat pack and end up being disappointed as shit like IJ2

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